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  1. 13-year-old strong Trust running the Degree College, providing UG Courses.
  2. Dedicated to provide learning opportunity for the students of lower middle class and deprived classes with poor economic background.
  3. Good infrastructural facility for teaching and learning, the best in the vicinity.
  4. A host of Clubs and Committees for value addition during the course of study.
  5. Young band of qualified and dedicated teachers, very resourceful and dynamic group, ready to accept new challenges.
  6. Strategic MOMs with leading trainers and service providers for holistic learning.
  1. Located on the outskirts of the city, requires yeomen efforts to draw students.
  2. Most of the students are first generation learners lacking in communication skills.
  1. Making full use of public trust and goodwill of the staff and students.
  2. Exploring the research opportunities and access grants for the purpose.
  3. Appointment of additional teaching staff to cater to diversified courses and specializations.
  4. Establishment of PG Centre.
  5. Commence a CA/ ICWA Coaching Centre.
  6. Institution is enthusiastic and team SCCMC is all set to bring in the true spirit of teaching learning in alignment with the New Education Policy.
  1. Most of the students are first generation learners. They have to be taught from the basics of comprehension and communicative skills.
  2. Managing with traditional courses and improving the student strength.
  3. Starting new program and combinations to attract students.
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