PGLP (Peer Group Learning Program)

PGLP is an innovative learning process in which students participate, interact and coordinate with their peer to attain educational goals. Peer teaching can enhance learning by enabling learners to take up responsibility for planning, organizing, reviewing and consolidating existing knowledge and material, understanding its basic structure, finding additional meanings and reformulating knowledge into new conceptual frameworks.


Business Bazar

Commerce and Management studies is a study of skills required for trading and maintenance of healthy transaction of money and assets. Theoretically it is taught in the class. However to make the students get a first-hand experience of designing, developing, manufacturing and selling products to make profits over expenses, a team of teachers headed by a senior faculty take up the task of conducting a business bazaar. Students from different sections are teamed and encouraged to promote their products, which must be manufactured using minimum support material from outside. Students enthusiastically.

Business Bazaar Pinnacle
Business Bazaar Report

Career Guidance

SCCMC has a dedicated career Guidance and Placement Cell acting both as an effective finishing school training unit and a mini employment exchange. A strong database of students from the past five years is maintained by mapping their career growth. Aptitude test is conducted and career goal setting is initiated from 1st semester itself. By the end of the 6th Semester, the students shall have a clear road map for their future. Career Guidance & Placement cell also has a strong tie-up and MOUs with recruiters who conduct regular job fairs and placement activities. The unit guides students to choose the right career and provide skills and knowledge to meet manpower requirements of the industry.

Career Guidance Program 2023-24
Career Guidance Program 2022-23
Career Guidance Program 2021-22
Job Oriented Guidance 2021-22

PTM (Parents Teacher Meet)

SCCMC aims at having a fruitful discussion with all stakeholders of the institution. The parents need to be a part of the process of the ward’s learning. Though the young adults are in UG course, regular Parent-Teacher meeting is conducted to make the parents aware of the progress of their wards. Generally, Parent-teacher meeting is conducted twice a year. The recent PT meeting was conducted in September 2021 of this year.

PTM Report Odd Sem 2023
PTM Report Even Sem 2023
PTM Report 2023
PTM Report (Odd) 2022
PTM Report 2022


The institution conducts workshop and training for the students’ to develop their skills in house trainers’ conduct session on different aspects and occasionally external resource person are also invited to conduct the same.

Cyber Crime Awareness Program
Vivekananda Jayanthi Seminar 2021-22
Photoshop workshop 2021
Photoshop workshop 2019
Corel Draw workshop 2018
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