Infrastructure / Facilities

Class Rooms

The classrooms are designed to comfortably accommodate students. They are specifically designed to meet international standards. Every classroom is equipped with the latest teaching aids and individual seating arrangement to ensure students are at ease while learning.

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ICT- Class Rooms

The college is equipped with ICT facilities in two class rooms in two different floors so that this facility is used by the teachers for effective deployment of technology in learning. The rooms are allotted based on the booking made by the teachers in a register maintained by the IQAC. It is also ensured that all subject teachers use this facility to make their lessons interesting and effective

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4.1.1 Additional Information 2021-22
4.1.3 ICT Additional Information 2021-22
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AV Room

SCCMC believes in overall development of the students in addition to the classroom teaching to bring about a pleasant learning experience by Providing Audio Visual room equipped with projector and display screen to conduct digital content based classes and for students presentation.


Computer lab

The institution has state-of the- art laboratories equipped with the most relevant and latest equipment. The Computer lab is equipped with personal computers (PCs) having the best configuration complemented with high speed internet connection.

Business lab

Business lab is dedicated to show case the skill of our students by exhibiting various business models. The institution encourages student’s skill development by providing guidance in business laboratory for their career building by giving shapes to their dreams.

Language LAB (Opening Shortly)

The proposed Language lab is designed with one master computer and 15 slave systems. Under the guidance of NCERT experts, the hardware and software will be installed. The language lab will be used to improve communication skills of the students. Initially it will be used for building proficiency in English and over a period of time, the same lab may be used to build skills in one regional and one other language.

Statutory Amenities

Fire Safety

The building has the best safety and security. Fire safety measures are deployed and in each floor hand distinguishers (cans) and hose pipe reach for water spray is installed. Staffs have been provided fire safety training and move drills conducted to act during fire emergencies. An ex-army personnel, a war veteran who is in charge of security is also incharge of fire safety division


All floors and corridors are under 24/7 CC TV surveillance to ensure safety of students and staff.

Basic Amenities


The college has elevator (lift) facility connecting all floors. Divyang students or temporarily disabled (due to accident / mishap) or sick students can avail this facility. By providing such a facility institution pledges its commitment to its policy of divyang friendly infrastructure


Uninterrupted Power Supply facility is deployed in the college premises. All electronic gadgets are well protected against power surge / voltage drop and in case of power failure data remains saved.
A dedicated online UPS is fixed and in well maintained by the service provider.

Purified Drinking Water

The institution provides potable water for all students and staff. During and after the pandemic whenever the college was functional hot water was provided in all floors of the building which continues till date

Medical Store

Sccmc has a running Mou with sri Siddeshwara Medicals to provide special discounts for staff and students of the institution. Not only medicines allied medical support is provided by the trust. That includes free ambulance service and medical equipments.

MOU Medicaltools
Girls common room

The college has a dedicated space for girl students to relax an full comfortable in the campus. a room of dimension 30 square meters with attached washroom, a cot with bed, a dressing table and a shelf to keep their belongings is provided. The area is earmarked only for girls. Lady staff members oversee any other requirements for the girls and ensure that they are provided by the institution.



The institution had Two auditoriums with a seating capacity of 200 and 100 respectively these were used for cultural and other assembly activities. The auditorium was fitted with sound system and LCD projector. In addition the college used open air auditorium of is sister institution silicon City Academy of Secondary Education. Since 2019 when the college shifted to new premises as the auditorium is under construction, the institution MOU with its sister institution to use auditorium as and when required.

MOU Auditorium
Seminar Hall

The college has a seminar hall with seating capacity of 50 fitted with sound system and LCD projector. This is a multi purpose hall, which is used for FDP, Mini seminars and teaching/learning activities.


“You can understand Bhagavadgeetha better with strong biceps….” Said Swamy Vivekananda. SCCMC encourages students to keep physically fit because only a strong body can house a strong mind. The college as an MOU with a gymnasium close to the campus where our students are trained in different equipment’s for building good shaped body. Staff at times will accompany the students at the gymnasium .


Game Centre

SCCMC believes in over all development of the students in addition to the class room to bring about a refreshing change and to maintain physical fitness, students are encourage to participate in both Indoor and Outdoor games.

Indoor Games
  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Table Tennis
  • Shuttle Court
Out Door Games

As a unique feature, we provide students access to the state-of-the-art Swimming pool is located adjacent to campus. Students are encouraged to actively enroll themselves for the swimming classes conducted by the institution.

Basket Ball court: An MOU with the SCASE ensures practice for students who are interested in different outdoor sports activities: Basketball, Terrace Foot Ball, Shuttle Court, Playground and Kabaddi ground. The PED monitors these practice session.

MOU-Outdoor Games
Swimming Pool
Basket Ball
Terrace Foot ball
Shuttle court
Play ground
Kabbadi ground
Sports Academy
Badminton Court
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First Aid Centre

SCCMC has a sick room which also functions as a first aid centre. The health centre has a visiting doctor who monitors the health of our students.


The ground floor of the college has a small cafeteria where food and beverages are available for consumption. During the breaks students can make use of this facility.

MOU Canteen
Infrastructure Maintenance

The institution maintains a standard policy with respect to maintenance of infrastructure; a complaint book is maintained at the office and another one in the computer lab. Any issues concerned with maintenance will be recorded in the book. This is inspected on a daily basis by facility manager/chief security officer.

Maintenance will be taken up depending on the nature of repair or replacement after bringing it to the notice of the head of the institution.

The ticket will be closed after completing service/repair of the unit.

Name Designation
Mr. Bharath Sarathy Safety and Security Officer
Maintenance 2022-23
Maintenance 2021-22
Maintenance Policy
Resource Mobilization Policy
Maintenance E-Waste

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