Counselling is a service rendered by the counsellor to the counselee, where counsellor provides alternative ideas to help one to reduce stress developed in any sphere of life. The cell is headed by a qualified in service teacher who is also proficient in counselling (MA counselling). Class teachers will mark and refer students for counselling. There after counselling session is conducted, if required cases may refer to a qualified psychologist and psychiatrists.

  • Counselling in the college is very important to maintain the mental health of the students and enable them to accomplish their goals.
  • Counsellor plays very important role to reduce the stress in student’s life in personal as well as academics.
  • All walks of life create stress and individual handle stress in their own ways, some may need a prop to lean, seek clarity and move on.
  • Teaching – learning is an activity which may create stress among the stake holders. There are also other psycho-social-economic reasons due to which a student may get disturbed. At college “SAMADHANA” the counselling cell will help such students to bring down stress level.
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