Attendance Committee

Attendance Committee at SCCMC monitors punctuality and regularity among students. It also helps to keep track of students’ attendance and to ascertain whether there is any correlation between attendance and their performance. In case of delinquent behaviours they are counseled and brought back to the main stream.

Cultural Committee

A cultural committee which is comprised of teaching staff and student representatives has a twin aim of showcasing as well as nurturing the latent talents in the student community.
It conducts in house talent search and trains the students to participate in intercollegiate and university level literary events. Many talents have been unearthed in the process. We are proud to claim that we have state level choreographers, dancers, short movie directors, pencil sketch artists and debators.

Examination Cell

The examination Cell is an important part of college functionary system. The cell is responsible for smooth and efficient conduct of internal assessments / examinations of the students. The cell communicates and coordinates with the Principal, Staff and Students for smooth conduct of internal examination. The responsibilities of the exam committee includes preparation of timetable, invigilation charts, student seating arrangement and maintenance of exam attendance records. The cell is also responsible for analysis of university examination results.

Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee is responsible to maintain discipline in the campus.

The Committee ensures and promotes healthy and peaceful atmosphere. Student consellors co-ordinate and facilitate meeting students who need assistance and correct any deviant behaviours. The committee also ensures smooth conduct of events in the college. It coordinates with sports committee during the conduct of sports meet and with IQAC cell during intra collegiate and inter collegiate seminars and conferences.

Equal Opportunity Cell

Inclusive education is the policy at SCCMC. The counselors in the college encourage applicants afflicted with challenges who are hesitant to pursue education, by making them feel comfortable in the premises. Based on the needs, infrastructure and other necessary adjustments are made available for such students

Timetable Committee

The timetable committee is in charge of framing timetable and monitoring the same. The college SATS software supports both in drawing the timetable and making any changes on a day-to-day basis

The committee also coordinates with other committees during the fixture of cultural fests, sports, internal tests and IQAC planned seminars

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