Code of Conduct

The institution has a defined set of code of conduct for all stake holders. The norms, rules, responsibilities and expectations from each of the stakeholder is defined in the code of conduct to ensure that quality service is provided by the institution.

  • Continuous and successive nonattendance for 15 days ought to be obligated for dropping of candidature of students according to the rules of the college.
  • Students should carry their cards i.e. Library and Identity Cards every single day when nearby and produce it on request by the safety officers or any power of the Institute.
  • Mobile telephones should be kept in quiet mode inside the auditorium, workshop lobby, library, PC lab, assessment corridor, organization and normal room, and so forth In the event that this institution isn't follow by the Students, then, at that point, the college authority might seize the telephone.
  • Students should go into the class before the allotted. No student will be permitted to enter the class following 5 minutes of commencement of class without the authorization of the head.
  • Attendance in each class is compulsory.
  • During class hours a student can't leave the class room without the consent of the concerned Teacher.
  • Ragging of any kind is completely disallowed and is culpable. College follows an approach of zero resistance towards ragging. Any student involved in ragging or associated with it in any will confront the corrective measures - beginning from abrogation of a meeting to rustication from the Institute likewise official procedures will be started against such blundering students.
  • Absence from tests/assessment/instructional exercises and non-accommodation of tasks in time will make a student ineligible for internal marks. No reason will be engaged from there on.
  • Students should partake in Sports, Socio-Cultural occasions led by the College Authority.
  • Students are expected to have essentially 75% attendance in each subject to take up the University Examination according to the rules of the University.
  • Students need to leave their vehicles inside the specified parking spot designated by the College Authority.
  •  Both Boy and Girl students need to keep up with the agreeable connection for improving the quality culture of a standard co-education Institute.
  •  During break hours, students are encouraged to utilize the library, and PC lab.
  • Students should avoid any anti social activities.
  • Grievances (if any) ought to be quickly reported to the Grievance Redressal Cell for a prompt action.

    Helpline for students: 

    • GENERAL QUERIES, REQUEST OR COMPLAINT – 9449567457(Principal)
    • ANTI-RAGGING CELL – 9738110936 (PUNEETH) 
    • WOMEN’S CELL – 9886625363 (SEEMA SINHA)
    • SC/ST/OBC Committee– 9036539826 (CHITTI BABU)
  • Smoking is a unhealthy habit and use of Tobacco is banned in the collge premises.
  • The college premises are plastic free. Conveying of any sort of plastic pack/convey sack (beneath 70µ thickness) inside the premises is totally restricted.
  • Waste materials ought to be set in the appropriate dustbin as per classification e., Biodegradable, Non-Biodegradable however recyclable and non-recyclable waste in green, yellow and red dustbin individually.
  • Visitors are not permitted to meet the students in the classrooms.
  • Students should deal with their possessions. The college is not liable for any misfortune.
  • Shall not resort to unlawful, unjust activities and anti national activities.

The head of an Institution ought to continuously be straightforward, fair, evenhanded, steady, defensive and decent. He needs to display remarkable and solid initiative abilities and enable all staff individuals and Students.

  • Implement the groundbreaking thoughts and plan to execute the Vision and Mission.
  • Promote Institutional collaboration and instill innovative work Activities.
  • Listen to the understudies' thoughts and set a steady mentality.
  • Ensure that the staff and understudies will know about rules, approaches and techniques set by the college and University.
  • Be fair in his disciplinary activities for every one of the individuals from Teaching, Non-teaching staff and Students.
  • Participation in the showing work, exploration and preparing projects of College.
  • Administration and oversight of curricular, co-curricular/outside exercises and government provisions of college and keeps up with of records.
  • Empower all his staff and students to extricate their most extreme potential.
  • Shall not resort to unlawful, unjust activities and anti national activities.

All the Head of the Departments/Coordinators will be answerable for as well as responsible to care for the following:

  • Time table ought to be completely trailed by each and everyone to execute his/her obligations.
  • Regular office meetings should be completed. In the departmental meetings following should be examined:
    • Students' participation
    • Students' complaints (if any)
    • Purchase of books (course readings and reference books)
    • Timely inclusion of schedule
    • Students' presentation
    • Allotment of healing and instructional exercise classes
    • Analysis of students’ feedback
    • Departmental needs to improve scholastic foundation
    • Proper management of the department library
  • Students should be educated ahead of time with respect to the non-holding of class (if any) because of the leave/nonattendance of the instructor.
  • Assisting in arranging and execution of scholarly projects, such as orchestrating classes, instructional exercises, putting together preparation programs, courses /addresses and so forth, are the piece of the obligation.
  • Departmental library ought to be kept up with appropriately.
  • Shall not resort to unlawful, unjust activities and anti national activities.
  • Time table ought to be totally trailed by each and everyone to execute his/her obligations like teaching, examination or development programs.
  • Students should be educated ahead of time in regards to non-holding of class (if any) because of the time away/leave of the Teacher.
  • To keep up with and care for the consistencies of the distributed of class on schedule.
  • Priorities should be given for the finishing of the Syllabus.
  • Lesson arrangement/unit plan ought to be kept up with appropriately.
  • Priorities should be given to utilization of different ICT instruments and other teaching tools.
  • Participation in the educating, exploration and preparing projects of the college.
  • Supervision of assessments, setting of test/exam papers, balance and appraisal of answers papers and such other work relating to the assessment of students and college as allocated.
  • Be on schedule for your lectures and practical. Be dependable.
  • An educator will not utilize the assets and/or offices of the school for individual, business, political or strict purposes.
  • Teacher will not be engaged with the lead in private training classes straightforwardly or in a roundabout way in the College.
  • An instructor will not enjoy or depend on straightforwardly or in a roundabout way, any misbehavior or out of line implies in teaching, assessment and organization.
  • An educator will outfit right data to the best of his/her insight in regards to his/her capability, experience, age and so on, in regard to his/her arrangement/advancement.
  • He/she will not abuse the offices or discussion of the school.
  • Should not be Partial in appraisal of a student or purposely over mark, under characteristic of mislead an student on any grounds. Likewise, staff ought to present the data on schedule.
  • Shall not resort to unlawful, unjust activities and anti national activities.
  • When entering the library, visitors / students / teachers must sign the appropriate register and leave bags, hats, etc. at the entrance counter.
  • Maintain discipline and tranquility in the library. 
  • Mobile phones, photos, audiovisual media, and food are restricted in the library. 
  • When you leave the library, you need to organize all the materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, chairs, etc. and keep them in a suitable place. 
  • Do not put pencil marks or bookmarks on books or magazines / magazines / magazines. 
  • For library misconduct and tort, students must anticipate serious consequences, including exclusion from the library throughout the semester. 
  • Books that are overdue for more than the specified 15 days will be billed in Rs. 1 per day / as a fine.  
  • When you receive or return the book, borrower must come directly and carry the library card. Users are not allowed to borrow books on behalf of friends or others. 
  • When accepting / returning a book, check the condition of the book and report any damage to the library staff. After that, the complaint will not be considered and the last borrower will be responsible for the act.  
  • Books lost by the reader / borrower, or books whose name is overdue for more than two semesters, will be collected from him / her. Either a replacement copy or print price for the same book shall be collected in such cases. 
  • Librarian security clearance is mandatory to obtain a ‘NO DUE CERTIFICATE’ from the Institution.
  • Shall not resort to unlawful, unjust activities and anti national activities.
  • Remain working during college hours.
  • Maintain trustworthiness, uprightness, decency in discharging the duties.
  • Adhere rigorously to the regulations and guidelines of the college.
  • Deal appropriately and decidedly with staff, students and the parents.
  • Must not be missing from obligation without true endorsement or supported approved leave.
  • There ought not be any delay in the crisis administration like power, water supply because of time away. In such cases office superintendent should make a vital move and plan/designation of obligation to fill the gap on an earnest premise.
  • Abide by the guidelines and guidelines of the institution, and be determined and dependable in doing all duties ideally on schedule.
  • To complete all obligations relegated in a period bound way to defeat what is going on flawlessly for the University/college.
  • Be amiable, legit and real in collaboration with others. Any sort of issue got from any individual ought to be promptly imparted to the quick announcing authority at their level and by no chance include actually in the authority matter.
  • Always conveying and aiding disposition towards students, peons or any individual who is/are requesting help.
  • Confidentiality of office matters ought to be kept up with. Reports ought to be kept up with at the particular overseer level, and giving or passing private record to anybody without the authorization of the equipped power will be treated as a culpable offence.
  • Not to enjoy direct contact with a forthcoming student, will make no guarantees or attestations concerning thought for confirmation or grant of monetary guide that are not predictable with existing arrangement or inside the power of the institutional system.
  • Shall not resort to unlawful, unjust activities and anti national activities.