Capacity Building

The college is committed to provide students support and help them in acquiring new skills. Under this Awareness Programs, Workshops and Skill developments programs are periodically arrange spread across the year.

Skill Development Program

The college organizes skill development programs for students not only to improve employability skill but also to encourage them to blend their passion with profession. Employability skills like resumes writing, presentation skills, communication skills and group discussion and aptitude training are conducted. Key board skills have been introduced for the students as per the new-age requirement from the year 2021-2022.

Interns Factory Report
Aisect Report
Naipunya Skill Gap Fill Programme
5 days EDP programme
5 days Skill Development Programme at KIOCL
Awareness programs

In college students and interested staff are exposed to different awareness programs. NIMHANS, health department officials, Yoga experts and doctors have participated in the programs conducted in the college and shared their expertise.


Education heavily leaning on classroom teaching at times lead to monotony. To break the mundane cycle of learning, but without disturbing the habit of learning, regular workshops are conducted by the college. These additional skills provide a strategic advantage to our students in the job market. Workshop on Photoshop, Coreldraw, Digital Marketing etc. are conducted. The college has gradually converted these courses into certificate courses, and also plan to introduce many more such courses. Workshops have become a regular feature and many batches have rolled down in the timeline. Best performers in these workshops are recognised by prizes and certificates are issued to all participants. Students, at times, have proudly proclaimed that these workshops not only honed their skills but ensured good placements and best offers during the job fairs.

  • Photoshop
  • Coreldraw
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