Best Practices

Each institution has a unique innate quality or value to showcase. The Silicon City College of Management and Commerce has implemented two best practices which stand for the spirit of equality and the spirit of learning respectively. Uniform has been introduced for the students and blazers for the teachers. Departments have contributed to encourage learning through reference by setting up department libraries which are instituted, maintained and run by the departments with the help of student volunteers.


The general purpose of the uniform is to make the students feel the belongingness towards the institution. Uniform creates the identity not only for the student but also for the institution. Then it also helps to build the self-confidence and development of personality of the student. Belongingness is a spirit for a student that aligns him with the institution and its objectives. With the logo of the college on their chest, they act as the ambassadors of the institution. By fulfilling the objective of the practice – it creates the sense of belongingness, gives them special identity, boosts their self-confidence and also inculcates in them professional attitude towards learning.

Akshara Mithra

The staff observed that students need to be exposed to books and must develop a habit of reading. The teachers also observed that the students had to be persuaded to utilize the library to browse books. Therefore, senior staff members came up with an idea of building a small department library in both the commerce and management department. All teachers contributed to build department library by donating complementary books and purchasing books. With a small collection of books in 2016, the department library has now substantial number of books, in its stock.

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