Gender Sensitization Action Plan

At Silicon City College of Management and Commerce everyone is treated equally with respect. SCCMC is a safe and secure place for girl students.

The action plan with respect to gender equity includes two broad areas that are focused and strives for sustainable change in SCCMC. This plan helps to navigate the Gender Equity Journey at SCCMC.

The action plans of SCCMC are as follows:-



Action Taken


1. Student safety in the Campus


Installation of CCTV cameras in all floors.

All students feel safe and secure in the campus, no complaints regarding safety were registered.

2.Review of functioning of Internal complaints

VP or HOD &

Discipline Committee

Any internal complaints on gender issues, ragging and other issues are dealt with zero tolerance.

No such issues has taken place

3. Faculty Development Programs conducted on gender equity issues


Creating awareness among the teachers to treat equally the students.

Development in student – teacher relationship. Teachers treat all students equally, irrespective of gender.

4. participation of faculty members on gender sensitization issues 


All the faculties were taught to handle Gender Issues were introduced to gender sensitization in classrooms.

Teachers become aware of importance of duties, rights, responsibility, with reference to teaching gender equity.

5. Raising awareness and aspirations by

Organizing programs on Gender Equity, social media and environmental issues.

Women empowerment committee and Anti sexual Harassment committee.

To reach full potential committees are providing support by organizing various events related to environment and culture.

It promotes equality and diversity by creating an environment that reflects our commitment to social justice.

Students participate in various curricular and co-curricular events related to gender equity, social media and environment, and became aware of the issues. They started respecting other genders.

6. There is awareness about quality of education at SCCMC in development high level of engagement with local schools and colleges to provide access to more students, irrespective genders, and social status and physical challenges.

Admission committee

Teaching and non teaching faculty members visit local school and colleges to create awareness on right to education.

Admission of students from neighboring locality is high.

Irrespective of gender, Management provides following welfare measures:-

  • Students are provided freeship and scholarship irrespective of gender and social status.
  • Fee sponsor, book sponsors for students.
  • Subsidized fee for the education of faculties’ children.
  • Subsidized loan at very low interest rate by Ratna co-operative society, silicon city trust.
  • Provision for higher education, up skilling which escalates growth in terms of finance and position.


  • Teaching faculty and staff of SCCMC are benefited through the welfare activities; there is personal and professional progress that can be seen among teaching and non – teaching staff.
  •  Students are aware of gender equity and social values.
  • Students are benefitted through scholarships and sponsors.